MAKOR & LARSON JUHL: a new step, to jointly go forward … - Makor Group
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a new step, to jointly go forward …

Larson Juhl, world’s leader in framing products, manufacturing and distributing all over USA and worldwide, along its long history has always been referring to Makor Group whenever needing technology and production solutions. Recently, the premier American picture frame facility in Ashland, Wisconsin, has decided to implement an automatic handling of the complete painting department (already based on Makor machines).

The choice went to Makor again, re-confirmed as the most qualified and reliable partner together with its distributor for USA , Stiles Machinery, leader in woodworking equipment quality brands hand out. The joint team (Larson Juhl , Makor and Stiles) made an engineering study for the best and optimized material flow aimed to reduce man-power cost and increase quality.

This study has taken to the installation of 15 new stacking/de-stacking machines and 2 complimentary feeding tables plus some minor modifications.