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Spraying Cartesian Robot


  • Painting Painting
  • Robot Robot

Latest generation spraying machine specifically designed to apply coat at high speed combined with high quality, for flat surfaces.
Suitable for painting of furniture components, panels and profiles in wood or other material.
In the Twin version, an oscillating arm is added at the output, for a continuous high performance painting. An innovative 3D laser reading system with blue laser allows to detect the geometries to work even with colored pieces. A powerful software algorithm ensures high performance and speed of execution.

  • Suitable for high quality and large production of flat pieces

  • Version Twin with 1 anthropomorphous arm and 1 oscillating arm

  • Spraying head with 3 guns: 2 for flat sides and 1 for edges. Optional: spraying head with 4 guns: 3 for flat sides and 1 for edges

  • Wide filtering surface, double filtration stage on removable suction cabinets on wheels

  • Automatic pressurization control and balancing

  • Available the version with paper transport and self-cleaning belt for continuous operation

  • Cleaning brush and quick discharge of product

  • High precision 3D reading system

  • Wide painting programs

  • 15 “touch screen control panel