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Makor FLOW

Impregnating machine


  • Painting Painting

It allows applying, in automatic and in-line, of water based impregnating products with very low dry residuals all over the surfaces of mouldings, matchboards, and door and window elements. Metal sheet structure and steel tubular. Completely protected coating booth, inspectionable tunnel. Blowing booth easy to access and maintain. Compressed air blowing systems able to remove and recover the product in excess. PLC control system installed on a cabinet separated from the machine.

  • Innovative flow-coating, roller transport

  • Stainless steel impregnating station covered by Teflon

  • Low impregnating quantity required

  • Automatic washing system

  • Total recovery of the product in excess

  • Automatic colour change, up to 6 colours (on request)

  • 4 sides (pieces on support) and 3 sides version available

  • Powerful blowing station for high quality product