G-OVEN 5500 - Makor Group
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Makor G-OVEN 5500

Drying Oven for Glass


  • Drying Drying

Designed for drying paint applied to glass products. Its peculiar characteristics are in the transport system developed to move the glasses appropriately inside the oven without damaging them. The drying system consists of a series of infrared lamps which, through a special ventilation system, adjust hot air mixed with rays evenly on the coated surface. Afterwards, a cooling hood reduces the surface temperature of the pieces before being off-loaded. The optimization of airflows and the special study of infrared radiation allow for extremely fast times and low running costs.

  • Ideal for drying of glass sheets coated with water based products

  • Quick drying

  • Combined system of IR lamps and Hot Air Wind-Jet for drying

  • Final cooling hood

  • Transport with special rollers

  • High drying efficiency