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Edge Coating Plant (Patented)


  • Cutting Cutting
  • Edge Processing Edge Processing
  • Painting Painting
  • Roller Coating Roller Coating
  • Sanding Sanding

The technological solutions of mod. Gemini combine the need to coat/seal panel edges both flat and shaped, with high precision, quality, production, in automatic, respecting the environmental rules and fully automatically.
Flexible, user friendly, with fast st up. The edge coating and sealing occurs with 100% UV / Water Based paints, both clear and pigmented, on wooden material, veneer, MDF and clipboard.
Its modular structure allows carrying out several working cycles, from Cutting, Sanding, Application of Base and Top Coat or simply the edge Sealing.

  • Modular plant from 1 to 6 applications

  • New heads, with precise application of high thickness of paint

  • Fast Set-up thanks to the revolver (2 heads per unit)

  • Drying system with standard lamps and LED. Numerous layout are available according to the needs.

  • Sanding process, numerous specific units are available

  • Transport tracks from 90-120-250mm , transport speed up to 60 mt/min.