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Oscillating Automatic Spraying Machine for Glass Products


  • Painting Painting

Flexibility, reliability, easy to use, combined with limited running costs and affordable investment make GLASS ONE the ideal machine for companies that need spraying small batches with frequent changes of colour, without great loss of time and waste of coating.
The large glass area allows the perfect visual inspection of spraying and checking of the quality.
Touch screen monitor, electronic barrier for reading the sizes of pieces and high precision in spraying.
The paper or plastic transport makes the machine self-cleaning.
Oscillating arm with 4 guns, high pressure feeding circuit, no dispersion of the overspray in the environment.

  • Suitable for medium volume of production

  • Large glass structure on pressurized cabin (glass on 4 sides)

  • Big filters with double filtering stage

  • Available in the version with paper transport.

  • Mono spraying arm, up to 4 guns

  • 2 liters tank for small lots

  • High precision reading barrier

  • 7 “touch screen control panel