IRIDE Max 408 - Makor Group
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Makor IRIDE Max 408

Sprayign Machine


  • Painting Painting
  • Spraying Spraying

It allows the automatic spraying in line of varnishing products on picture frames, architectural mouldings, match-boards, valances, door- and window parts, etc.
Steel plate and tubular steel structure. Forward feed at variable speed by means of realized by means of solvent proof and no stick rollers. Regular and noiseless functioning.
Wide cabin in order to obtain a full protection in the working zone. Frontal pull-out trolley,realized in two parts for easy movement.
Transfering pump for collected paint recovery. Pressurization system of the cabin.
Operating panel with liquid Crystal display (LCD). Programmed for 5 languages.

  • High production volumes, up to 400 mm in width

  • Up to 12 guns can be mounted

  • Moplen (non-stick) tanks, mounted on a removable cart, for easy maintenance and cleaning

  • Available with pump and guns mounted on board of trolley

  • Various configurations are available

  • It’s available also the version for spraying of disassembled windows components, with head and tail guns.

  • High efficiency filtering cabinet, thanks to various filtration stages