K-TWO - Makor Group
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Makor K-TWO

Panel Automatic Reciprocating Spraying Machine


  • Painting Painting
  • Spraying Spraying

The fact of being a machine very simple to use and the reasonable investment it represents, make of K-TWO the ideal machine for all those companies that need to spray small to medium batches and that approach automatic finishing for the first time.
High productivity, savings on coating material, uniformity of painting are the main features of K-TWO, which is handled by a touch screen monitor.
Resistant forward feed belt transport, in antistatic material, easy to clean.
The spraying system consists of 2 oscillating arms electronically controlled. Each arm with 4 guns and 2 paint circuits.
Total recovery of the paint remaining on the feed belt. Spraying area with perfect pressurization.

  • Suitable for medium volume of production

  • Large glass structure on pressurized cabin (glass on 4 sides)

  • Big filters with double filtering stage.

  • Also the version with paper transport is available – self-cleaning belt and Hybrid with both systems

  • Double spraying arm, up to 8 guns (4+4)

  • High precision reading barrier

  • 7″touch screen control panel