KURO 1+3 - Makor Group
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Makor KURO 1+3

UV drying oven


  • Drying Drying

Linear tunnel realized to dry in line paints, photosensitive to UV rays, applied on mouldings, picture frames and linear profiles by means of special UV ray lamps, positioned and adjusted around the pieces in order to dry 3 upper coated sides. Electro-welded steel structure. Feed system realized by means of special transport in UV rays proof material. Pressurization plant and lamp cooling down system equipped with filter to purify the air injected. N°4 UV lamps: 3 on top, 1 on the bottom. Liquid crystal operator panel.

  • Compact solution, maximum 5 UV lamps

  • Lamp by lamp temperature control managed by PLC, lamps longer life and efficiency

  • Transport with special belt for smooth run of the parts

  • Lamps from 200 to 300 watt/cm

  • Electronic power feeders available on request