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Panel Automatic Reciprocating Spraying Machine


  • Painting Painting
  • Spraying Spraying

New generation spraying machine for high performances in terms of production speed or production quality and flexibility.
The very large booth grant a very uniform air flow and a maximum cleaning of the walls or other parts.
Oscillating arms are completely independent one to each other and can work or synchronized or as independent.
A very large filtering surface minimize down time for filter changing.
A dry or wet filtering system is available. Very high production speed, up to 16 m/1’. High flexibility in terms of color changes.
Up to 16 guns can be installed on the 2 oscillating units. Self-cleaning belt.

  • Suitable for very high production volumes over 120 m²/h

  • Large pressurized cabin

  • Wide filtering surface on extractable boxes, double filtering stage

  • Version with water filtering (optional)

  • Automatic balancing, pressurization

  • Self-cleaning 2 meter wide belt, low maintenance

  • Reduced washing liquid consumption

  • Efficient paint recovery

  • Double spraying arm , up to 16 guns 8+8

  • Spray mode with independent arms

  • High precision reading barrier

  • 15 “touch screen control panel, with remote control from PC or Smartphone

  • Teleassistance