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Automatic Spraying Robot for Panels


  • Robot Robot
  • Spraying Spraying

Flexibility, reliability, easy to use, combined with limited running costs and affordable investment make ROBOSTART the ideal machine for replacing the manual spraying of products.
The machine is specifically designed for flexible working of small and medium production batches, ensuring high quality result.
Uniformity of application and consistent quality, Possibility to apply on edges a product quantity independently from the quantity applied on the flat side, Work environment clean and healthy, increased productivity, saving of paints, high quality also on the edges.
Intuitive touch screen control system that can be connected to the factory net and activate remote assistance. Transport with jigs covered with paper. Fluent and precise spraying

  • High quality of painting, thanks to the robotic head.

  • Suitable for low volumes and just-in-time production

  • Minimum overall dimensions, to be placed inside a pressurized cabin.

  • Automatic painting system on shuttle “jig covered by paper”

  • Automatic handling from and to the trolley through the loader-unloader LIFT.

  • Various varnishing modes

  • 2-liter paint tank for small refinishing

  • Double filtering stage