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With N. 1 Anthropomorphic Arm and an Oscillating Arm


  • Painting Painting
  • Robot Robot
  • Spraying Spraying

The latest evolution of spraying machines. With ROBOSPRAY, Makor has redefined the standard of painting robots.
Ideal for painting flat and 3d elements with high application qualities, thanks to the use of an anthropomorphic arm where a paint head is mounted.
In the Twin version, an oscillating unit at the outfeed of the machine is added to increase its productivity.
Available with paper and self-cleaning belt for continuous operation up to 6 mt / min and stop and go mode.
The innovative 3d reading system, provides sizes and shapes of the pieces to be painted, for a simple and fast machine use

  • Suitable for high quality and large production volumes for flat and 3D pieces up to 300 mm height

  • Twin version with 1 anthropomorphic arm and 1 oscillating arm.

  • Spraying head with 3 guns: 2 for flat parts and 1 for the edge. Option: spraying head with 4 guns

  • Wide filtering surface, positioned on the floor

  • Automatic pressurization control and balancing

  • Available the version with paper and self-cleaning belt for continuous operation

  • Cleaning brush and quick discharge of product

  • Automatic change of head (option)

  • High precision 3D reading system

  • Wide painting programs

  • 15 “touch screen control panel

  • CAD CAM System (option)