SAG100 - Makor Group
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Makor SAG100

Shaping machine with laser reading


  • Picture Frame Picture Frame
  • Sanding Sanding

Realized for shaping abrasive and rubber wheels for automatic sanders and hot foiling machines. Designed to be an essential accessory to prepare wheels, out of line, in order to avoid stops machines operation and increase the plant productivity. The laser sensor maximizes the safety and precision. Speed and position controlled by brushless motor. The machine is composed of two parts, the first one for data input and the second one for execution made by a control system. Operator panel with graphical liquid crystal display (LCD). Possibility to connect with external Personal Computer.

  • Unique and precise

  • Electronic copy system

  • Perfect for shaping of abrasive sanding disks and silicone wheels

  • LCD display with management of the working recipes