Ultradry 1+2 - Makor Group
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Makor Ultradry 1+2

UV - Drying Oven With Ultraviolet Lamps


  • Drying Drying

The ULTRADRY drying system instantly dries mono and bi-components UV paints, clear and pigmented, matte or glossy.
Its modularity allows obtaining different kind of configurations, matching every type of paint features and production speed, guaranteeing perfect drying of flat and shaped panels, edges included.
Two radiating upper units (lamps) and one lower. Each lamp has a long radiation duration constant in time. Total control system. Advancement by means of a transport system with steel bars. Resistant to high temperatures

  • Modular system, from 1 up 3 lamps

  • Lamps with eletronic power supply units, high power savings stand-by at 15%

  • Roller transport system. Optional: belt