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Privacy Policy – EN

1. Type of data processed

This website delivers informational and, at times, interactive content. When browsing the site, it is possible that certain information about the
visitor may be acquired in the following ways:

• Browsing data Information systems and the software procedures use to operate this website acquire, as part of their normal operation, certain personal data, the transmission of which is implicit in the use of internet communication protocols. This category of data includes: IP addresses, the type of browser used, the operating system, the domain name and website addresses from which access is made, information on the pages visited by users within the site, the time of access, the length of time individual pages are viewed, an analysis of the internal path and other parameters relative to the user’s operating system and computing environment.

• Other categories of data This includes all the personal data provided by the visitor through the site itself, for example, when the visitor registers to access a reserved area and/or when the visitor makes a request to be sent a newsletter and/or when the visitor emails MAKOR S.R.L. and/or when the visitor sends an application for a job.

2. Purposes for processing data and the relative legal basis

Processing data (personal and browsing data) is needed:

A. To grant access to content which is available in the site’s reserved area
B. To recruit new employees
C. To guarantee the site’s navigability
In these cases, providing data is optional yet essential to achieving the purposes stated

D. To carry out marketing activities (sending emails, letters/mail and/or SMS messages and or telephone contacts, newsletters,
commercial communications and/or advertising material about our products and performing satisfaction surveys on the quality of
our services);
In this case, providing data is optional but is not essential since site navigability and access to reserved areas will be permitted; vice versa, it will not be possible for our organisation to carry out any processing which is subject to the aforementioned consent

E. To carry out statistical analysis in an aggregated and anonymous form (such consent is implied simply by accessing a page)
through various third parties (Google Analytics)
In this case, providing data is optional but is not essential since site navigability and access to reserved areas will be permitted; vice versa, it will not be possible for our organisation nor for any third party to carry out any processing which is subject to the aforementioned consent

3. The legal basis for processing

The legal basis for processing consists of:

• The Controller’s legitimate prevailing interests or those of a third party to whom the data are sent (for the processing referred to in letters A, B and C of point 2, above)

• Consent (for the processing referred to in letters D and E of point 2, above)

4. Methods of processing:

Your personal data may be processed in the following ways:
• By electronic means and devices
• By automated forms (automatic collection of browsing data)
in respect of the person’s privacy and their rights, using the systematic application, by our organisation, of appropriate measures – in line with the specific nature of the data itself – to protect and guarantee the same.

5. Categories of recipients of data

Your personal data may be sent, within the context specified above, to:
• Information Technology companies for data management services
• Companies providing domain, hosting, cloud and dedicated server services

6. Data storage

• For the purposes referred to in letter A of point 2, above, your personal data will be processed for as long as necessary in order to guarantee the user access to the reserved area provided that this is made available by Makor or until a request is made by the
user to disable such access;
• For the purposes referred to in letter B of point 2, above, your personal data will be stored for as long as your profile is considered to be of interest to the Company as well as for deferred postings with regard to the submission time and/or the start of a
recruitment campaign, except in the case of your specific refusal which might be exercised in accordance with that established in
points 8 and 9, below
• for the purposes referred to by letter C of point 2, the data are processed for the duration of the browsing session (this must be
checked with the website developer)
• for the purposes referred to by letter D of point 1 for a period of 24 months;
• for the purposes referred to by letter E of point 2, please consult the third-party policies (Google –

7. Transferring your data overseas

• The Controller does not expect to transfer data outside of the EU; all the servers on which your personal data is processed are
located within the European Union.
• Consult the relevant policies for data generated by Google Analytics
(Google –

8. The data subject’s rights

The GDPR provides the data subject with the following rights:
• to know whether the Controller has and/or processes the data subject’s personal data, to be able to access this data in full and to
obtain a copy of it (article 15, Right of access),
• the right to rectify incorrect personal data or integrate incomplete personal data (Art. 16 Right to rectification);
• the right to the erasure of the personal data possessed by the controller if one of the reasons envisaged by the GDPR is exists
(Art. 17 Right to erasure);
• to ask the Controller to restrict the processing to just certain pieces of personal data if one or more of the reasons set forth by the GDPR exists (Article 18, Right to restriction of processing);
• to ask and to receive his/her personal data processed by the Controller in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable
format and to request the transmission of this data to another controller without hindrance (only in the event of automated
processing) (article 20, Right to data portability);
• to oppose the processing of his/her data, in full or in part, for the purposes of sending advertising material and of carrying out
market research (so-called Consent) (article 21, Right to object);
• to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority in the event of an alleged breach of the GDPR

9. Exercising the data subject’s rights

The data subject may exercise his/her rights (where applicable) by emailing such a request to the address
The request will be managed in accordance with the times set forth by the GDPR.

10. Controller