“Glue” Case History

Makor Company has recently installed and started up, with success, two complete automated lines to apply glue on molded skin-doors, for the following application of PVC foil by means of membrane press at Verda Company, in Moscow.

Those who produce 3D foiled and veneered building components and furniture know very well glue application by spraying, because it is the only one for this type of technology and it’s quality is fundamental to achieve the best final quality level.

This process is very popular but most of companies use manual spraying glue application because there is a common believe that such kind of tricky works (actually glue application is tricky!) may only be done in that way. They have never thought about the improving results of automated glue application, both for quality than  for economic aspects.

The task of MAKOR automated lines for glue spray application is to increase productivity level and to improve quality application, in terms of uniformity and consistency of applied quantity and a large saving in terms of overspray and labor cost, in addition to a much healthful working ambient. 

Verda Company had a very ambitious target in order to daily production volume and Makor’s solution is a project with two parallel lines that have been installed to reach for a production performance of 3 skin-doors per minute, corresponding to a daily production of 1500 skin-doors per each line!!

The complete line process includes loading, sanding, cleaning, spraying of glue, drying (obviously with certain specific parameters, in order to allow glue drying, without altering  physical/chemical features), unloading.

The spraying machine, model K-One, is the heart of the whole project and it has been designed in a special version, with very innovative solutions, especially for glue application, such as: conveyor system with self-cleaning belt; automatic system for guns-cleaning aspect, even for an oscillating unit; special scrubber and special skimmer designed for glue residuals management, and much more.

To grant a constant productivity level, despite the glue tendency is to “film” everywhere, the lines allow to run 30 skin-doors in continuous and then to stop 1 minute for automatic guns cleaning before start running again, at  constant frequency, all along the working shift.

These brilliant results contribute to create stronger relationships between Makor and Verda Companies. Now they are planning for more and more ambitious and profitable developments.

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