About - Makor Group
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The story of “Makor Group“, the leading manufacturer of wood finishing machines, is a story made of values, progress and, above all, friendship.

The one that links Mario Ceccuzzi and Luigi Scaperrotta, the founders of the group. A relationship that lasts since more than 50 years, centered on respect, duty, passion, growth, innovation, research. And on one belief: creating high quality machines.

Today, as then, those values make Makor Group one of the most solid and dynamic realities in the industry.


an immediate success story and international point of reference

Makor was born in 1968 and becomes immediately a success story. In a few years it is an Italian and international point of reference.
Over time, Makor manages to become a partner for customers around the world by providing finishing solutions for profiles. In 2002, Makor transforms into Makor Group and, with the acquisition of Tecnolegno, strengthens its position in international markets.
The strategic goal is to offer a wider range of high-tech plants. Solid, durable, high performance products.


Makor was born from an idea, from an invention: to create a machine to stain the shaped wood for profiles.
That choice, combined with a great business ability, was the basis for building machines and business solutions that were unique. In the years Makor has always grown steadily.
Thanks to its ability to innovate, Makor Group has created systems for finishing any kind of profile, both for the furniture industry and for the building industry. Wood, MDF, glass, plastic, metal, chipboard, coated elements, special materials. Today Makor Group offers solutions for processing a wide range of materials.


Makor Group is a company with headquarters in Sinalunga (Tuscany) but with a larger dimension.
Makor is a company with a strong international vision. In 1970 its first machinery is exported to the United States, then to Germany and Scandinavian countries.
In 50 years, Makor Group has become one of the leading international wood finishing companies with branches in the United States and China and with joint ventures in other 50 countries. Today, its exports is about 90% of its business volume.


All success stories present as a set of factors. If today Makor Group is one of the best companies in manufacturing wood finishing machines, it is because it has made of quality its strength.

Makor Group has anticipated the times both in the process and in building the machines. It was the first to provide plants with a test-reserved installation. Cresting machines indestructible, performing, “special”, and unique machines.

Makor Group has an exceptional ability to immediately understand customer needs and solve any kind of problem.

Because Makor Group is close to you.