Work with us - Makor Group
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This is Makor



Being part of Makor Group team is like joining a new family. Makor Group gives you the chance to engage yourself in a constantly evolving, dynamic, challenging reality.

Your talent, your professionalism will always have a significant weight in the choices of the group.

We think about tomorrow. This was always our compass. And so it will be for the time that remains to us. But to do this we need the best energies.

Makor Group family consists of professionals who want to consolidate their knowledge by addressing global challenges.

If you think you have these skills, if you think you can walk with us, grow and make Makor Group grow, looks at open positions and submits your application.

Or if there are no open positions, you can introduce yourself by filling out the form. Your resume will be included in our database.

“Mask Group’s face is not of the one who created it, but of the many experts with whom we face each other every day and that made it grow up. Since it was founded, Makor Group has set itself for its dynamism, for its ability to imagine new goals.”

“Our winning strategy? To apply all our knowledge and experience to the machinery that we have produced. To a certain extent, we do not only produce technology, but also the ability to innovate.”

“Over the years we have become a worldwide reality. We have established ourselves as reliable long-term partners …. Our customer knows that we are able to develop high performance solutions. This makes us unique.”

“I like to remember that in our Group the sun never sets. Over the years, we have created a company capable of dealing with partners from very different countries, but speaking a single language: innovation.”

“Research and Strategy. Makor Group has overcome all international crises and has done so because we have always had the ability to look into the future.”

“To a young man who wants to meet challenges, I would say that in Makor Group there is the possibility to form and grow according to his own will and aspirations. By us, merit and skill form the best curriculum.”

Why are we so appreciated? Because we export knowledge and experience. Our profile machines are of the highest quality.

“If I had to vote for our company, I would say that Makor deserves eight. But just because I think there is still a long way ahead of us. The future belongs to us.”