Close to You - Makor Group
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Makor in the world

The first time that MAKOR Group exported a wood finishing machinery was 1970 in the United States. Since then, the company has been making much of its production outside the national borders, convinced that it was the only way to grow and improve.

Today, the Group has a strong presence on five continents: in the United States, still a reference market, but also in China, India, Germany, Russia, North Europe, South America, Australia, the Arabian Peninsula, etc.

Mask Group’s dynamism has led to joint ventures in more than 50 countries. 90% of turnover comes away from home.

As in 1970, today Makor Group is convinced that the best way to develop is to have a global vision. Knowledge must not have borders.



Makor Group develops and manages relationships with customer directly. A continuous service commits staff around the world, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

The global network of Makor Group consists of professionals, experts and technicians. They can provide any kind of customer support and immediate on-site and on-line sales service.

After sales departments ensure continuous production and improved operational efficiency.


Makor Group experts will respond to technical questions, take care of every single step and advise you on the most appropriate way to operate with machines and plants.


Our People

During the years there has always been a leading line that has professionally tied its employees at Makor Group: to feel at the center of a growth project.


Those who work in Makor Group agree to experience new challenges continuously. And they do this, knowing that sooner others, more important, will come.


They are “our people”. Specialists with enormous potential and sophisticated skills all over the world.


All of them form Makor Group.



Our company has 50 years of life. It’s a good goal. A number that tells a lot about what we are and what we want to become. More than somebody can imagine.
– Employee 1

What does this date tell us? That MAKOR Group story is a success story. Because you cannot stay on the market for so long unless you’re not competitive.
– Employee 2

For the same reasons, we have maintained a high standard of innovation. Otherwise, we could not grow gradually. Competition would have overwhelmed us.
– Employee 3

50 years are also a sign of our strength, the enthusiasm we put and the culture of work we are conveying. We always take it with us and make us appreciated among our customers.
– Employee 4

If we are here it is because we do our job for a reason to be, thanks to a group of people who over the years have become a big family. Passion moves us. And this is an added value on the market.
– Employee 4



What is the true meaning, the deep meaning of “Made in Italy” word? For Makor Group is the sense of work, the design ability, the culture of things made to art.


But not only this. It is the right relationship that the leading company in the design and manufacture of wood finishing machines has with the territory. With the surrounding environment.


Tuscany, the region of origin, preserves its history which is also made of landscape and territory. Makor Group has retained its ability to dialogue with the ecosystem in its design imprinting.


The company builds elaborate machines to deliver high performance but also to conserve energy, not waste materials, not to dispose of resources.


Despite being global, Makor Group feels strongly bound to a long tradition. From design to marketing, every piece that comes out of the production of Makor Group breathes also the environment surrounding the company.


Makor Group machinery can be considered as one of the world’s largest examples. A conception of things that goes beyond the profit and income statement.


Our World

There are a thousand reasons that size Makor Group strength. They are contained in the three words that we have chosen to represent us: CLOSE TO YOU.

“Close to You” expresses the essence of our strength. The ability to find solutions for any kind of problem, to always ensure excellence. Because it’s just with excellence that we can compete in a global marketplace.

Makor Group is a reliable long-term partner. It provides you with tools to meet your needs, with high quality standards and reduced working times.

With a minimal investment, Makor Group maximizes the result.

Case history

Never done before

In 2014, Makor Group has installed a state-of-the-art high performance finishing plant for architectural mouldings at Bergene Holme, in Norway.

The demand was to have a universal and super-performing line in terms of compatibility with multiple types of profiles (indoor, outdoor, narrow, wide, etc.), very high production speed, and very low downtime for set up and maintenance.

Makor Group has created a line that regularly produces up to 30 mouldings per minute – 4.2 meters long. A goal that no one had achieved earlier.

The oven was the central element of the structure (2 levels, both implemented with drying elements, Makor’s exclusive prerogative). And it was built in full optional version (NIR modules, 10 airjet hoods with electric battery and IRM modules, refrigeration, automatic humidity control, etc.).

With this solution, BERGENE HOLM has been able to continue producing at competitive costs by expanding its production.
(Bergene Holm, Norway – January 2014)

Case history

Is it normal?

The operator did not have lunch breaks, only 4.5 minutes for startups and 9 minutes for cleaning the machine after the shift. 67,396 linear meters of production!! Is it normal?

I forward you the report of our Makor line with an 8-hour shift operation.
The 1st green row indicates 1 hour of full production, red means machine stop.

The operator did not have lunch breaks, only 4.5 minutes for startups and 9 minutes for cleaning the machine after the shift. 67,396 linear meters of production!! Is it normal?

(Combiwood Group, Estonia – July 10, 2015)