Customized Solutions - Makor Group
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Customized solutions

The strength of a brand in the world is also given by the ability to provide customized solutions.

Makor Group does this: research, analyze, design and realize innovative wood or other material finishing machine. Technology, a capillary distribution network, professionalism of its staff are its strengths.

From the mixing of these components the special machining line was born. The goal is to provide solutions for individual customer needs and peculiar modes at any finishing stage.

Research and Development

Research is a simple word but of considerable value. Research is programming capability. It is a chance to seize opportunities. It is associated with word development because one is the consequence of the other. Makor Group has made of its ability its winning card. Makor Group assigns an important part of its turnover to its future. Its Mechanical Pole Research Center, also recognized by the Minister of Education and the University, enables continuous training of qualified engineers and technicians. It allows facing the future.

Test Laboratories

One of Makor Group’s main goals is to give maximum efficiency and highest competitiveness to its products. The importance of the customer finds its perfect synthesis in the test labs that Makor Group has created in Italy, China and in the United States. Each customer can test the whole production process of a production line or a finishing machine before proceeding with the purchase. It can also simulate applications and test results directly on their products. Makor Group Test Labs are the business card that the company provides to the customer. The confirmation that he will never be left alone.

Distinctive technologies

In the first 50 years of MAKOR Group activity, it registered more than 100 patents. That is two patents a year. For the group this is a very important goal. It indicates how the path that MAKOR Group has decided to follow is the right one. It means that the company is concentrating on all developments in its field of expertise and that it is able to anticipate developments. Helping the customer find the right solution. Only with innovation you can win.