The Group - Makor Group
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It is the head company. The company has been active since 1968. For more than fifty years it has been producing, manufacturing and selling a full range of technologically advanced machines and solutions in the wood finishing industry. Makor produces both single machines and complete production lines. Makor products have the highest standards of quality while reducing the process times. Makor creates finishing machines both for workshops and for the large industry of furniture, window parts and wood components for building, glass, plastic and composite materials.


High tech jewel for edge machinery, the company, located in Pesaro, has joined Makor Group since 2002. Just like Makor “older sister”, Tecnolegno also has a solid history behind its technology research. It was born in 1968 and over time it has become one of the most brilliant realities in the production of machines for edge and profile sanding, milling and squaring of panels and profiles. Its products, such as those of Makor, have been characterized by sturdiness and reliability, its solutions have always been versatile and innovative.


It is the Group company that deals with metal carpentry. Comar does not manufacture solutions and machinery for the final users, its production is to meet the needs of its partners. Comar is fundamental in the manufacturing of complex tools for wood finishing plants of Makor Group. It allows the Group to have every stage of production under its control. Makor Group’s ability to manufacture technologically advanced and strong products also depends on the quality used in their construction.

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