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Great stability, extreme accessibility


  • Edge Processing Edge Processing
  • Sanding Sanding

Automatic high precision single-sided machine, suitable for milling and sanding on panel edges, both in solid wood, veneered, MDF, chipboard and varnished, with polyurethane, UV, polyester base coat, etc. Great stability, extreme accessibility, maximum working precision, quick set-up, ease of maintenance, possibility of applying a wide range of milling and sanding units, unique in their kind. Electrical controls throughout the machine length. Operator panel with large touch-screen display.

  • Suitable for high quality working processes and high production volumes

  • Transport system with 90 mm track, stable and safe

  • Production speed up to 25 m/min, versions up to 50 m/min

  • Pressure units with adjustable width and height with rubberized wheels or continuous belt

  • Extremely sturdy

  • Wide range of operator groups, both milling and smoothing unique in their kind

  • Suitable for automated sanding lines, with 2 or 4 in-line machines