DORA 200 - Makor Group
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Makor DORA 200

Hot foiling machine


  • Picture Frame Picture Frame

Realized for the hot foiling and application of PVC films on picture frames, mouldings, linear profiles, and furniture elements. Thanks to its sturdiness, it is possible also to slightly hot press on wooden or plastic surfaces by means of engraved metallic wheels. Steel modular structure, specifically designed for high stability and easy access, in order to guarantee maximum working precision and reduce set-up and maintenance time. Transport realized by means of belt, 80 mm. wide, junctions free, in rectified clothed rubber. Head unit with contact and film application wheel made of shapeable silicone rubber. Safety blower in case of power blackout.

  • 80 mm. belt transport system

  • Reliable and precise management of wheels temperature

  • Usable with silicone and metallic wheels

  • Faultless film rewinding system

  • Extremely sturdy and ergonomic

  • High production speed

  • Available up to 6 operating groups