FCM 40 - Makor Group
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Makor FCM 40

Vertical oven with belt-trays


  • Drying Drying

FCM is a drying oven at ventilated hot air for long permanence times. This feature makes it particularly suitable to carry out drying of water based or solvent based paints. The FCM oven is a valid alternative to storage on trolleys, with a considerable saving of time and space. Inside the oven pieces are deposited on belt-trays ensuring the maximum filling. Steel structure. The wide dimensioning of its structural components ensures long life to the machine and offers the possibility to maximize its performances. Three thermo zones.

  • Ideal to dry water based and solvent based paints with permanence time up to 90 minutes

  • Hot air drying

  • Reduced overall dimensions

  • Smooth and quick mechanics up to 15 pcs per minute

  • Loading belt-trays, 1000 mm. wide and 6000 mm. long