LCR 10 - Makor Group
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Makor LCR 10

Automatic Sanding-denibbing Machine


  • Sanding Sanding

The sanding and denibbing machine mod. LCR 10 has been realized for sanding and denibbing of picture frames, linear profiles, furniture components.
Maximum stability and extreme accessibility, guaranteeing a maximum work precision; possibility to apply a wide range of working units.
The solution with steel rolls, characterised by a total absence of wear and tear, guarantees a maximum reliability in time, reducing to the limit the costs. Fast transport system by steel rollers.
Electric controls along the whole length of the machines, on each column, Control panel with Liquid Crystal display. Programmed for 5 languages. Reading of feed speed (mt or ft)

  • Transport system by steel or rubber rollers

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Extremely robust, steel guides and ball recirculating pads

  • High production speed

  • Wide range of operator groups, both milling and sanding