MINIVELO 350 Inox - Makor Group
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Makor MINIVELO 350 Inox

Curtain coater


  • Curtain Coating Curtain Coating
  • Painting Painting

Realized for curtain application of varnishing products on mouldings, picture frames, valances, matchboards, door and window elements, etc., flat or slightly shaped surfaces only. The technique with which the paint is distributed avoids any kind of nebulization and allows total recovery of the excess product. Product recovery tank in stainless steel metal sheet, shaped in such a way to ensure maximum emptying. Upper hood to exhaust solvents to be connected to the factory suction system (exhauster not included). Coating with micrometric system to adjust the curtain thickness with direct display of the set value. Balls breaking filter.

  • Perfect accessory for Makor sprayer range

  • 100% product use, no waste

  • Curtain micrometric adjustment

  • Machine installed on wheeled cart