ROTOSPRAY - Makor Group
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10 arms – 20 guns


  • Painting Painting
  • Spraying Spraying

Large booth, perfect inner air flow, always clean walls. Wide side sliding glazed door that allows excellent inner visibility and easy access to clean the guns and replace the filter. Very low maintenance. Antistatic and resistant PE transport belt designed for high transferring speed. The belt cleaning system is composed of two units for a perfect cleaning. Spraying unit made of a carousel with ten gun-holding arms. Inverter controlled rotation speed. Two independent paint circuits. Accurate electronic control with variable adjustment to achieve uniform application across the entire working width, edges included.

  • Perfect staining at high speed up to 10 m/min

  • Paint distribution joint reliable over time

  • Carousel with double circuit, for fast set up and colour change 10+10 guns.

  • Automatic colour change up to 20 colours available on request

  • Self-cleaning belt and efficient paint recovery

  • High precision reading bar

  • 15” touch screen control panel with remoting from PC or smartphone

  • Remote assistance