Zoom Meeting Makor Excellent CM 80 7/04/2022 - Makor Group
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April 7,
from 10:30 am (Rome GMT+2)
Excellent CM 80
Evolution in panel coating
is finally reality

On Thursday, April 7, 2022, Makor Group presents the new coating machine Excellent CM80. Excellent CM80 is the most surprising novelty in the panel coating, technology and patent entirely developed by Makor. Suitable for any kind of cabinet door and door, able to manage high quantities of paints and continuous cycle processing, Excellent CM80 zeros the paint dust and eliminates the side covers. No coating dust on the workpiece. Only your product and all the quality of your production.

Webinar schedule:

• 10:30: Coating machine Excellent CM80 presentation.

• 11:00: Live demos. Internet connection with company LAPM and interview with the owner, Mr. Enirco Faè.

See the recordings

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