HOLZ-HANDWERK 2018 Nurnberg, Germany - Makor Group
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Nurnberg, Germany

We are gladiatore to invite you at HOLZ-HANDWERK 2018, from March 21 to 24 in Nurnberg, Germany.
Join us: Hall 10.0 – Stand 205
(close to HOMAG booth) to introduce the new robotic spraying technology for doors and doors elements: ROBOSTART P.

– High quality coating system for doors and profiles. Coating of the door two faces in one single pass.
– Door automatic handling, without operator.
– 3D reading with LASER, special coating modes for external edges, internal edges, raised parts.
– Fast and flexible coating system suitable for both small workshops and batch-1 production companies.

We will introduce the innovative coating plant for unassembled door and window elements.

Join us: Hall 10.0 – Stand 205