A new finishing and lacquering line for RCS Special Lacquers - Makor Group
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A new finishing and lacquering line for RCS Special Lacquers

A new finishing and lacquering line by Makor Group for one of the most dynamic and modern companies in the sector in Italy, RCS Special Lacquers.

The machine designed and assembled by Makor was tested at Makor’s main headquarters in Sinalunga. It is a “just-in-time – lot 1” model, which allows for working on even just one piece at a time.

The line consists of an anthropomorphic robot called Robospray 4.0, which guarantees high-quality painting similar to that of a human arm. The robot is able to paint both flat elements and three-dimensional elements, reducing paint waste during color changes.

In addition, the line includes the flexible oven Flexi, which allows the customer to differentiate drying times and temperature conditions for each individual tray or load. Thanks to the valves on each tray, the pieces can be discharged or painted on the opposite side, or multiple coats can be applied for special finishes such as marble effects, steel, metal.

Suitable for water or solvent-based paint products with medium-long drying periods, flexibility is the winning feature of Flexi.

This painting line is an excellent solution for companies looking for flexibility and quality in the finishing of their products. Makor Group has always stood out for its attention to customer satisfaction and its ability to offer custom solutions.

RCS Special Lacquers produces handcrafted items using the most innovative industrial application techniques on the market thanks to state-of-the-art machinery specifically designed for flat painting.