Xylexpo 2018, visitors from all over the world for Makor - Makor Group
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Xylexpo 2018,
visitors from all over the world for Makor

Great turnout for Makor’s 50th anniversary. Waiting for the Sinalunga festival on 28-29 September 2018

Visitors from all over the world crowded the Makor stand at Xylexpo 2018. A participation beyond all expectations, a gratifying response to the innovative products presented, to the restyling of the machines, to the new design. Great audience response for the demonstrations – Gemini and Compact (edge technology), Floory (parquet varnishing), Evolution (varnishing of furniture elements) – and for all the 4.0 technological processes and the digital platform Tapio.

The celebratory event for the company’s 50th anniversary was attended by over 200 people. Insiders, customers, representatives, and suppliers celebrated Makor’s milestones and shared its future projects. All waiting for the event scheduled in Sinalunga on 28-29 September 2018.

“These numbers,” said Simone Ceccuzzi, “show that the company’s choice to focus on development and technology is successful. I thank all the employees and partners who have accompanied us this far, but above all the customers who have shown a deep connection with us. Makor represents a brand of trust and reliability for everyone. And this makes us particularly proud.”