Over 600 visitors at Makor Group 50th anniversary celebration - Makor Group
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Over 600 visitors
at Makor Group 50th anniversary celebration

Three days of technology, innovation and celebration. From Friday, September 28th till Sunday, September 30th, over 600 visitors attended our seminars, meetings and two entertaining evenings at our headquarters in Sinalunga.
“Open House – Test the Future” took place to celebrate 50 years of activity, the story of a company born in 1968 from the brilliant intuition of two businesspersons, Mario Ceccuzzi and Luigi Scaperrotta. To create an opportunity of meeting between different companies (suppliers, dealers, partners, customers) that form the vast Makor galaxy representing the finishing sector.

Makor Group has introduced, to its large audience, the new Tet Lab covering 1200 square meters, with 16 islands equipped with machines in function, the new sales strategies for the group international development and ensured the meeting between the most innovative technologies of the sector.

Those three days gave the opportunity “to touch” the beating heart of the company production, a reality present in over fifty countries that has chosen to grow, to become more powerful, following different paths: to be more present in the entry-level sector (that of the small artisan companies); to address more investments in robotized spraying systems; to pay more attention to new processes, such as the digital printing through the research of new partnerships; to enlarge the sector range; to develop new technologies also in other productive sectors (such as that of glass).

This renovated development projection coincided also with the share exchange occurred in 2017 when the Ceccuzzi family purchased 100% of Makor.
“Our commitment to the growth of company – said the CEO of the group, Simone Ceccuzzi – will be based on three pillars: internationalization, innovation, professionalism. Makor Group will accentuate its natural vocation to export (today 95% of turnover comes from abroad). We want to be more and more a global supplier of finishing. The expansion of our research and test laboratory demonstrates Makor’s desire to focus on product and process research. We strongly believe in the development of robotics, not only to increase the technology of the single machine, but also to allow the machines to communicate to each other, read the data, make the most of their potential. Finally we will continue to invest also on the professionalism and skills of our employees, an essential part of this development strategy”.

During ”Open House-Test the Future” two event-evenings. The first one, on Friday September 28th, at Makor, the second one, on Saturday September 29th, at Garden Hotel in Siena. Among the entertainers, the famous illusionist Luca Bono, considered by the media one of the most interesting magical talents of his generations, winner of several national and international awards. The band Electroswing Eclectic Trio and the artist Principe Maurice, master of ceremony of Venice Carnival.

Thanks to all our attendees.

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